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Tips For Cleaning Up Thanksgiving In a Snap

Tips For Cleaning Up Thanksgiving In a Snap

After the last bite of turkey is swallowed and the final football toss is caught, Thanksgiving comes to a close and the Christmas spirit begins! Before you can jump over into all things mistletoe and tinsel, you need to get your home out of Thanksgiving mode, which, depending on the scale of your holiday, may take some work. Here are some ways to attack the mess and get ready for the next big day of the year!

Clean Up the Celebration

Some go all out with the Thanksgiving celebration and deck the halls in cute pilgrims, turkeys, and pumpkins. Others keep things simple and bring out the fine china and some stunning floral arrangements down the table. No matter which decorating method you chose, don't let these special items sit out for too long. Assign a "decoration clean up crew" to neatly and carefully clean and pack everything away, maybe while the kitchen clean up crew is doing their thing! If any linens like table cloths or napkins were stained during Thanksgiving dinner, take the time to pre-treat and then either launder the items yourself or take them to be professionally cleaned.

Clean Up the Food

Quite possibly the most daunting task of Thanksgiving is the clean up, not so much the prep. Depending on the size of your Thanksgiving party, you may have a nice and short cleanup or you may need to come to terms with being in the kitchen for a little while. Start saving yourself some time and stress a few days before Thanksgiving by cleaning out your fridge, choosing dishes that you can both cook and store food in, and planning some post-Thanksgiving recipes that will help you use up those leftovers quick. (You only have about a week before everything must go!) Recruit a couple of family members or friends ahead of time to help divide up the post-dinner cleanup. If your Thanksgiving was more of a potluck, make sure everyone takes home their dishes and leftovers, so you're not drowning in extra dishes and leftovers for days after!

Clean Up Any Mishaps

Thanksgiving is a get together, and like any great get together, you're going to have messes to deal with after everyone is done celebrating. Since so much of Thanksgiving revolves around food, be prepared for spills and stains. Have some spot cleaning supplies ready to go for small mishaps to your carpet or furniture. If your Thanksgiving crew heads outside for a few football tosses, be sure to remind them to wipe their feet before coming back inside. If you find your carpet or upholstery has been stained beyond what you can properly take care of, contact us and set up a cleaning appointment. Our Zr Clean™ cleaning process will thoroughly and quickly return your floors and furniture to their pre-Thanksgiving glory. We can also help save your prized oriental rug from that disastrous wine or cranberry sauce stain!

Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends and making wonderful memories, so use these tips to help keep cleanup minimal and the fun festivities at an all-time high!

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