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No Need to Fear Halloween Clean Up

No Need to Fear Halloween Clean Up

Halloween is truly one of the best nights of the year (Christmas Eve is close competition). The parade of Halloween costumes, the eager anticipation of the loot that will be scored going door to door, the chance to really go all out and decorate your home like the haunted house of your dreams (or nightmares): who doesn't love Halloween?

The fun is only meant to last for one night, though. When you wake up on November 1, all the fun and festivities of the night before may have resulted in a few messes and mishaps. Don't be spooked, though! We have some tips for how to quickly reset your home after Halloween and get it ready for the next round of holiday celebrations!

Bring The Outside of Your Home Back From the Grave

Some of us carve pumpkins and display them in a cute and inviting array. Others go all out, decorating front lawns and front porches with towering inflatables, spider webs stretched across tree branches and bushes, and creepy animated figures designed to give trick-or-treaters a Halloween heart attack.

Make sure you give anything that's been outside a good thorough cleaning before making the trip back up to the attack or garage. Bugs may have decided to make their home in your outdoor decorations, and various pollens, dust, and lawn debris may have coated everything, too. A little pre-storage maintenance will ensure that the whole gang will be ready for Halloween next year!

While your pumpkins may seem like they still have some decorative life to them, it's probably best to send them off to the trash can now. Mold and insects can quickly eat away at pumpkins, leaving you with a mess that could also leave you feeling a little ill.

Survive the Curse of the Candy Monster

There are few things more exciting in childhood than coming home after trick-or-treating and going through your bag of candy treasure. While parents are quick to steer kids away from eating too much candy before bed, candy will be snuck … and may even now be stuck.

If you find candy melted and stuck to your home's carpet or upholstery, no screaming is necessary! If you can, remove large chunks of the candy, then spot clean any leftover minor stains or residue. If the mess is a little more severe, give us a call and a ZEROREZ® technician will come to the rescue. Our Zr Clean™ cleaning process will return your carpets, oriental rugs, and upholstery to sparkling condition in no time!

From all of us at ZEROREZ®, we hope you have a wonderfully spooky Halloween!

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