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How Failing Grout Affects Your Tile's Appearance

How Failing Grout Affects Your Tile's Appearance

Tiles have many different purposes! They are functional both outside and inside the home, durable, and easy to take care of! Tiles can also be arranged in many beautiful arrangements and colors to bring out color and personality. That being said, there are a few important things to know in order to maintain the beauty and functionality of your tile and grout.

What Causes Grout to Fail?

Grout is a cement-like mixture used to embed your tiles to the floor or walls. It is also used to fill in the gaps between each tile. If your grout is not properly taken care of, it can crumble and wear down. When grout fails, your tiles can become loose, broken, or missing entirely. Broken tiles and grout not only takes away from its beautiful appearance, it can also become a dangerous tripping hazard.

There are lots of factors that can contribute to grout failure. Between heavy foot traffic, dropped objects, and scooting furniture, it is sure to get a few scuffs and scratches. On top of scuffs and scratches, your tile and grout can get very messy from spills and tracked mud. Accumulated dirt, grime and bacteria can wear at your tile and grout over time, causing your grout to fail. To prevent filth from ruining your tile, tile grout cleaner is necessary for grout health.

Kitchen or shower Grout can also be ruined because they are in areas with a lot of moisture. Because of how porous grout is, it absorbs and traps water very easily. This trapped moisture can be an additional breeding ground for bacteria and even mold!

Other sources of grout failure can come from poor installation and low-quality grout. Temperature changes can cause the ground to shift, affecting your tile.

Lastly, even though cleaning your tiles and grout is very important, grout failure can also be caused by a harsh floor tile cleaner or other cleaning agents. Harsh chemicals from cleaning with the wrong products can eat away at the grout and tiles.

How Can I Fix My Damaged Grout?

Because of how porous grout is, grout cleaning can be extremely tricky. Harsh cleaning products can ruin your floors. Each tile is different, so it is essential to know what products work best for your tile. The best tile and grout cleaner may work for someone else's floors, but may not necessarily work for yours.

The best way to protect your tile and grout is to get it sealed. Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning in Knoxville seals tile and grout. Their Nano-Tech Sealer creates an invisible barrier that protects your tiles from scratches, water, and other factors that can ruin your grout.

Zerorez Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

For the best grout cleaner in the Knoxville area, call Zerorez®! Our professional technicians know the best way to clean grout. We use a unique green cleaner called Zr Clean™, which is free of harmful chemicals, soaps, and detergents. It is the perfect tile grout cleaner! Zerorez® cleaning process loosens and removes dirt and harmful substances while leaving behind No Residue; so it is safe for children, pets, and the environment. Your tile will look cleaner and better than before with Zerorez® Knoxville!

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