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Host the Best Thanksgiving Yet!

Host the Best Thanksgiving Yet!

Thanksgiving is just a week away! While it is an exciting time to be around family and friends and come together to reflect on the past year, it is also a celebration you shouldn't leave preparation for to the last minute. As you get ready to open your home to those you're thankful for this year, here are some tips for getting everything as inviting and memorable as possible.

Get Ready to Entertain

Any time you get a group of people together, it's always a good idea to have some kind of activity planned. If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year and have mainly adults coming, a reflective and amusing group activity to have everyone take part in is partnering everyone up and having them write one thing they're thankful for about the other person. Some of the answers will likely have everyone chuckling, while some others may be a heartwarming chance to really express gratitude for a friend or family member.

If your Thanksgiving group will include kids, keep those hands busy while the adults are busy in the kitchen or socializing! Some kid-friendly activities include stringing together freshly fallen leaves into a decorative garland, creating turkeys using some (washable!) paint and their handprints, or breaking out the craft supplies and letting the kids create place cards with everyone's names, an addition to the table decor that would likely last for decades of Thanksgiving celebrations.

Get Ready to Eat

The turkey is obviously the star of Thanksgiving dinner, but don't forget the supporting cast. Ensure that you won't spend all of Thanksgiving in the kitchen by strategizing your menu and working ahead where you can. Some side dishes can be prepared a day or two in advance and then stored in the refrigerator to be cooked on the big day. Pies and desserts are more "work ahead" items of the Thanksgiving menu that you can get out of the way. Make sure you give your bird enough time to thaw and leave yourself enough of a time buffer in case you miscalculate the initial cook time. No one wants to be eating Thanksgiving dinner at midnight!

Get Ready for Guests

Chances are you will have at least a couple of out-of-town family members coming to stay with you, so make sure your home feels as much like theirs as possible. Create welcome baskets with new towels, basic toiletries, bottles of water, and maybe a favorite snack or two. If your home has wifi, make sure to display the password prominently so no one has to hunt you down at one in the morning to ask for it. If you haven't had your home's air ducts cleaned in the last few months, do everyone a favor and call ZEROREZ® to set up an appointment. Fresh, clean air will help everyone feel more comfortable and hopefully prevent passing around any seasonal sniffles. While you have a ZEROREZ® team out to your home, consider giving your home's carpets and upholstery a cleaning, too! The cleaner your home is for your guests, the more enjoyable everyone's stay will be.

From all of us at ZEROREZ®, we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are thankful for everyone who has trusted their homes and businesses to our knowledgeable team members this year and hope to continue to keep your houses and offices clean in the new year, too!

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