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Do This, Not That: House Cleaning Edition

Do This, Not That: House Cleaning Edition

While the process isn't always fun, having a clean house is one of the most rewarding and relaxing feelings in the world. We all have our "tips and tricks" for getting each room of our home looking and smelling like new. There is a chance, though, that you may be going about cleaning your home the wrong way. Here are some new and correct tips and tricks to add to your house cleaning arsenal.

Living Areas

Living room, family room, den - whatever you call it, the room(s) of your house where everyone comes to hang out and unwind are often the biggest sources of clutter and mess in our homes. Daily pick up and tidying are key to keeping these areas inviting, but don't stop there. Vacuuming regularly will keep crumbs and dirt under control (and from spreading to other parts of your home), but make sure you do your vauuming last. All dusting should be done before you turn on the Hoover. (Don't forget to give your curtains a once-over every week or so, too!)

Don't stop at clearing off the visible mess on your furniture. Getting on a regular cleaning schedule with your upholstered furniture will keep it looking new, get rid of any unsightly stains and odors, and keep everyone as comfortable as possible. Call us today to speak with a ZEROREZ® team member about upholstery cleaning!


Like the living areas, your home's kitchen is a major activity hub, which means it will accumulate its share of messes quickly. Keep on top of the dish pile in the sink by either hand washing the dishes after every meal or stowing dishes in the dishwasher. If you're using a dishwasher, don't just throw the dishes in! Rinse off as much food and residue as you can to ensure the dishes come out again sparkling clean.

When disinfecting your countertops and appliances, be sure to use a disinfectant that works with each surface. (Cleaners are not always "one size fits all") Read the label to see how long each disinfectant takes to work, too. When cleaning the floors, again, save this step in the cleaning process to the very end and make sure you thoroughly rinse. If your kitchen has wood flooring and no amount of mopping seems to restore its shine, call and set up a time for our ZEROREZ® team to come out and assess how we can give your floors new life with our hardwood resurfacing and cleaning service.


Washing and changing your sheets should be a weekly ritual. Using the hottest water temperature the sheet's fabric allows for will help disinfect and remove all buildup. If you don't have enough time each week to wash the entire sheet set, at least give the pillowcases some attention, as bacteria and buildup on them can cause your skin to breakout. If you notice the carpets in your home's bedrooms looking a little dull and flattened by foot traffic, we can help give them new life with our Zr Clean™ cleaning process. In a few hours, your carpets will smell great, look wonderful, and be totally dry.

In the bathroom, regular cleaning should include more than the sink(s), toilet and shower/bathtub. Give your toothbrush holder and soap dish/dispenser attention, as these are prime places for bacteria to flourish. Mold and mildew is a constant concern in bathrooms, and cleaning can sometimes cause your tile and grout to prematurely fade and wear. Our tile and grout cleaning service is perfect for not only removing buildup of cleaning products, but also sealing everything and protecting against future buildup.

Cleaning your home is probably not something we have convinced you to enjoy, but our hope is that you can now clean better and enjoy the fruits of your labor a little longer!

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