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Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in the home are wonderful! They have many benefits. They act as an air purifier for the home, they are soft and comfortable on your feet, and they insulate your floors. However, your carpets are hiding a dark side. Carpets are a breeding ground for pathogens, dirt, and all kinds of filth. Additionally, a person sheds about 1.5 million dead skin cells a day, and they often make their way to your carpets. Carpet gets walked on all the time, so your shoes bring in dirt and mud that get trapped in your carpet fibers.

To put it simply, your carpets are disgusting! Luckily, professional carpet cleaning exists. But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the best carpet cleaner? Rather than just considering prices and appearances when picking carpet cleaning near me, there are other factors you may want to consider. Factors to consider include how effective the cleaning actually is, drying time, chemical residue, and how long your carpets actually stay clean.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a popular modern method of carpet cleaning, also known as wet cleaning or hot water extraction. The carpet is pre-conditioned with a chemical mixture that works to dissolve dirt and soil in the carpet. Pressurized water at very high temperatures is then applied to the carpet. After sitting on the carpet for 10-15 minutes, the mixture is then extracted from the carpet with a vacuum. Because of how much water is used to soak the carpet, this method of carpet cleaning has relatively long drying times. Too much water, in some cases, can even cause mildew or mold.


Also known as "encapping," encapsulation uses heavy foams to clean carpets. A heavy machine is used to agitate the carpet while applying the chemical foam mixture. The foam crystallizes into a powder which is then vacuumed out. However, the powder left behind does not always get extracted and often leaves behind chemical residue. When chemical residue is left behind, it adds a crunchy and unwelcoming texture to your floors and can even be harmful to pets or children that come in contact with it.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the oldest forms of carpet cleaning methods. This method is simple, involving a rotating brush and heavy foaming soaps. After the soap sits in the carpet for an extended period of time, it is extracted out of the carpet with a vacuum. Shampooing is not as effective at achieving deep soil cleaning. Shampooing can also result in heavy moisture and shampoo being left on the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a popular carpet cleaning method used in hotels and commercial spaces for a quick fix. This temporary cleaning method targets the surface of the carpet rather than deep cleaning it. Bonnet cleaning is not a long-lasting solution, and it also leaves behind chemical residue.

Renting a Machine

Even though renting a machine can be convenient and inexpensive, it is the least effective and most damaging form of carpet cleaning. The little motors in the machine do not provide much power to lift dirt and grime from your carpet. They have a general one-size-fits-all shampoo that does not work to fix most stain or odor issues. While your carpets may look clean and wonderful at first, the leftover residue attracts more dirt and grime, forcing you to run back and clean your carpets again way too soon. So much work for very little results!

The Zerorez Difference®- Zr Clean™

Not only is Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning the most unique carpet cleaning company, but it is also revolutionary! While traditional carpet cleaning methods use soaps, detergents, and harsh chemicals, Zerorez® uses only Zr Clean™! Zr Clean™ is simply water that has been electrolyzed and oxidized. It is pure and eco-friendly. And the best part? Our cleaning method and Zr Clean™ leaves behind Zero Residue®. This means that your carpets will not be sticky or crunchy. They will stay cleaner longer!

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